Water Flow Sensor YF-S201
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Water Flow Sensor YF-S201
Water Flow Sensor YF-S401

Water Flow Sensor FS300A

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Working Flow Rate: 1-60L/min


Water flow sensor is mainly composed of plastic valve body, flow of rotor components and hall sensor.
It is installed in the water heater inlet, used to detect water flow, when the water through flow rotor components,
Magnetic rotor rotation and speed changes with the flow, hall sensor output pulse accordingly
Signal feedback to the controller by the controller to judge the size of the water flow, adjust and control.
Use notice:
It is forbidden to severe impact and chemical erosion.
It is forbidden to throw or collision.                          
Vertical installation, to no more than 5 degrees.                        
Medium temperature should not be more than 1200 c.


 Lead way:

1 red IN connect the anode
2 yellow OUT signal output line
3 black GND connect the cathode
Frequency: F = 5.5 * Q (L/Min) error: plus or minus 2% voltage: 3.5-24 VDC, current should not exceed 10 ma, 330 pulse output flow through a litre
The frequency calculation = constant flow rate (L/min) 5.5 * unit time (in seconds) flow range: 1-60 L/min


Technical parameters
Scope of application:
Apply to the water heater, this device, automatic water machine, such as flow metering equipment.

The basic parameters
1, the lowest rated voltage,DC4.5 5 v and 24 v
2, the maximum working current,15 mA (DC 5 v)
3, working voltage range,DC 5 ~ 18 V
4, load capacity,10 or less mA (DC 5 v)
5, use temperature scope,80 Celsius Degree or less
6, use humidity range,35% ~ 90% RH (no frost)
7, allow the pressure,The water pressure below 1.75 Mpa
8, storage temperature,- 25 ~ + 80 Celsius Degree
9, save the humidity,25% ~ 95% RH
 Technical Demand:
1, the output pulse high level,(> 4.5 V DC input voltage DC 5 V)
2, the output pulse low level,(< 0.5 V DC input voltage DC 5 V)
3, fine degree,(traffic - pulse output),1 ~ 60 L/min plus or minus 1%
4, output pulse duty ratio,50 + / - 10%
5, the output rise time,0.04 mu S
6, time drop in output,0.18 mu S
7, flow - pulse characteristics,Level test pulse frequency (Hz) = 5.5 Q] [+ / - 2% (horizontal) (Q) for traffic L/min)
8, impact resistance,
Good product packaging, from a height of 50 cm X, Y, Z direction free fall to the surface of concrete without exception,
Change within 10% accuracy.
9, insulation resistance
Hall sensor and insulation resistance between copper body above 100 m Ω.(DC 500 v)

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